Semi-automated urine chemistry analyzer


The UC-1000 is not available for sale in the US or US territories.

Basic urinalysis needs to be performed in many locations and with varied order profiles. Flexible equipment that can be placed anywhere and is easy to handle, yet delivers reliable results, answers to these needs.

Sysmex’s UC-1000 is a particularly versatile semi-automated urine test strip analyzer since you can integrate it in your urinalysis workflow in many ways.

    • UC-1000 becomes a true part of any UN-Series installation, including integration into the rule set that customizes your workflow, when you connect it via the UN-Series’ work area manager U-WAM. This is the perfect scenario if you are looking for a backup for your UC-3500 fully automated system or if you do not run many chemistry tests and only require a small system for processing individual test strip order requests.


  • UC-1000 is an equally valuable solution as a stand-alone system – be it in laboratories with a smaller overall urinalysis workload or in a point-of-care setting, such as a GP’s office or on a hospital ward.



Different test strips are available with 10 or 12 test pads, the latter including microalbumin and creatinine tests. They can also be used for manual reading – there’s a colour chart on each bottle. Differentiation between intact red blood cells and free haemoglobin is also possible.

Key benefits

Fits and integrates anywhere

  • Small footprint and lightweight
  • As part of the UN-Series by connecting it to U-WAM
  • Equally perfect as a stand-alone solution

Immediate results

  • Analysis takes less than a minute
  • Load another test strip every 8 seconds

Convenient use

  • Simple two-step analysis ‘dip & place’
  • User-friendly software for intuitive operation
  • Hygienic with easy cleaning procedure

Convincing clinical values

  • Microalbumin and creatinine testing available
  • Distinguishes between red blood cells and free haemoglobin



Not all products are available in all countries.
The UC-1000 is not available for sale in the US or US territories.

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